Trendline Acquires 推荐全球十大网赌正规平台. (DiG)

Further Expanding the Data & Analytics Landscape

Founded in 2000, DiG established itself as a leader in the data analytics field by helping clients organize, analyze and understand their data, thereby building a foundation for data driven marketing. Bringing a combination of strategic consultancy and hands on analytic work, they help clients build the in-house tools and expertise needed to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Today, Trendline’s Analytics team provides strategic insights and recommendations focused on optimizing campaign performance and consulting on the development of custom dashboards. The DiG team will round out the analytics offering by providing clients with opportunities to better segment, target and optimize content through advanced analytical techniques.

To learn more about Trendline’s comprehensive data and analytics capabilities, visit our Analytics & Insights page.


Companies are prioritizing the role that data and analytics play in their marketing efforts to a greater extent than ever before. By coming together, we strengthen our ability to offer strategic advice and hands-on analytic support to our customers.”

Morgan Stewart

CEO, Trendline Interactive

Trendline Interactive Acquires Data Insight Group to Expand its Advanced Analytics and Data Science Business


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